My name is Oren Yagev and I am cofounder and R&D manager at OneHourTranslation.com .

I began to develop in Microsoft Basic language at elementary school and since then I have developed in additional languages such as Java, Pascal, C++, C, VB. In recent years, I mainly develop websites (server side) in PHP and Javascript.

During the years 2002-2005, I studied towards a bachelor’s degree in life sciences at Ben Gurion University and upon completion, I immediately continued studying towards a master’s degree in medical sciences (cellular physiology), which I did not complete.

Already during the master’s degree, I got involved back in the programming world and discovered the business trait within me. I joined two childhood friends, Yaron and Lior, and together we established Three Innovators Ltd. with the aim of bringing color and joy to our lifes and maybe even to make a living.

Among the projects that I developed are: